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Project Description
Customizable Visual Studio add-in that provides support for Javascript development - you can navigate prototype functions, move back and forth between functions, transfer lines of code to different "regions".
The add-in uses Regular Expressions and can be extended to aspx.

CodeOrganizer Add-In adds context menus or keyboard shortcuts based on configuration in the RegularExpressions.xml.
(A demo is available at - it is not great quality, but you can see the addin in action)
These let you perform a set of actions on the current code file - such as
  • Navigation to a function or region in code based upon the regular expression. This navigation includes going back and forth between functions (browser-like)
  • Selection - you can refer to any member variable or function without scrolling back and forth; This feature is invaluable in VS 2005 which does not provide JScript intellisense. Even in VS 2008, if intellisense does not work, you can use this feature.
  • Transfer - Transferring the currentline to a different region. This can be used when you want to add a member variable without leaving the current function

The core idea is to focus coding (particularly Javascript classes) on the current function. You typically leave a function block in Javascript
* to refer to the signature of another function
* to refer to the name of a member variable or function
* to create a member variable and initialize it
* to modify some code in another function
All of these can be accomplished easily without losing your current context if you leverage this Add-In.
This Add-In is extensible using the RegularExpressions.xml file.

Please read the Release Instructions for the current release or the readme.txt in the release zip file for Installation, Usage and Extension

For a quick test drive, follow the installation instructions; then open VS 2005 or 2008, enable the add-in and open the TestScriptFile.js (this file is part of the download). Right click and you can see the context menus. Try them out.

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